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quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Pérola rara!

Vejam que pérola eu pincei na Internet:
A resposta a um moderador de rede social, sob o título "I'm watching you"
Assino embaixo:

"Stupid and pretencious networking moderator.
I saw when you called me "ancilla"and other things in Latim.
To your chagrin, I have a refined study, where Classical Latim was the raw material for scientific study.
You only have power and feel superior, but "slave"is your mind its power rotten hipocrisy.
Be careful what you talk and for what you talk us, because without us, your network do not exist - as a god without religion and faith.Your mother didn't teach you manners?She didn't teach you respect people's opinion?Even being naughty in Latm, you're a runaway kid who deserves to have your mouth washed with soap.If you wants a social network where everydody speaks lies, seek fiction writers.
I'm watching you, naughty kid."